I was born in Spain and from a very young age I felt the desire to travel the world in the manner of the great african expeditionaries and romantic travel writers. I studied computer engineering and during the first years I combined periods of work in Madrid with long trips, especially in Asia, my favorite continent. Nowadays I am fortunate enough to do both at the same time and I could say that I am a full time traveler.
Although at the beginning I felt the vocation of writing, to which I dedicated quite a few years of my life, in recent years I discovered photography, which made me decide to devote all my creative effort to it, abandoning what I thought was going to be my life project. To this day I do not regret the change.
My first steps were with travel photography. But I soon discovered another type of vision that immediately fascinated me: street photography, where we try to capture candid and extraordinary moments (in a more universal sense than in travel photography). I love the difficulty that this discipline entails and the minuscule success ratio that is achieved, demanding from the photographer an infinite perseverance and a precise and trained eye, and turning each successful shot into a life event.

Siena International Photo Awards 2022 - Finalist
Moment Street Photo Awards 2021 - Finalist
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